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Culinary Basics Training

4 months course outline

Our CULINARY BASICS TRAINING is a 4 month full-time entry-level course that combines the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to succeed as a Chef or Waiter.

Where? In Cape Town, one of the world´s tourism and culinary capitals.

The 4-months Culinary Basics Training consists of 3 parts:

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Work readiness training

The COOKtastic Work-Readiness-Training has been developed, as the aligned feedback from many employers is: “Many of South African youth are due to difficult context dynamics not ready to cope with the requirements of a professional workplace!” So, this very specific training and continued mentoring will help you to really be READY FOR WORK!

Get to know yourself more deeply

  • Personal identity and time lines
  • Present times and treasure of the past
  • Work space introduction and communication
  • Motivation and personal pursuits
  • Blind spots and beliefs

Learn to get along with yourself and others

  • Community needs assessment and problem identification
  • Community dynamics, community events and action plans
  • Problem solving and identification of solutions
  • Conflict management and work ethics. Morals vs ethics
  • Gender awareness and behaviour

Get useful tools

  • Leadership, teambuilding and collaboration
  • Draft your “life concept”, plan and keep it going
  • Coping with money and personal budgeting
  • Personal “branding”, writing a CV and job application
  • Legal duties and rights as employee in the workplace
  • Preconditions for Business Development/Entrepreneurship

Culinary basics training

The 8 weeks COOKtastic Culinary-Basics-Training, technically seen – will provide you with the theoretical and practical know how for entry level in cooking and service. This training will be done at the COOKtastic venue, facilitated by an experienced Chef & Assistant.

Learn general basics in a professional kitchen

  • Kitchen Hygiene, Equipment, Storage & Safety (knifes,..)
  • Purchase & Menu Planning
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Environmental awareness (purchase, waste management,..)
  • International & African kitchen – in up-to-date interpretation

Get to know ingredients & basic cooking methods

  • Meat, Poultry and Offal
  • Fish and Shellfish Dishes
  • Fruit and Vegetable Dishes
  • Eggs, Pasta, Rice and Starch Dishes
  • Sauces, Soups and Stocks
  • Hot and cold Desserts
  • Cakes and Biscuits

Learn basics of professional Customer Service

  • Basic Customer Service
  • Baristas/Beverage Service

In-service training

Finally, you will get your first practical experience in a professional hospitality workplace. 4 weeks In-Service-Training at one of our hospitality partners – in a hotel, restaurant, fast food-outlet or industrial kitchen.

If you are doing well, you will have a great chance to get your first employment at this (or another) venue.

Our goal: 80% Job placement for our graduates!

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